Friday, July 30, 2010

I am way too excited to wait another minute longer to start my live post!! Although I am still 8 days away from sailing - Im starting now ......I have been so excited about putting my live review heading up ever since I booked my cruise hahaha! Now its here woohoo - although a bit early..
A bit about me first -for those who dont know me - so you understand my review- hope I dont bore you! - I am coming from Australia to go on the Oasis..... My main reason - some of you know already - my son is in the Aqua dive show on board. Although it is a 25 hr flight from Australia - I couldn't "not" go on the ship while he is performing.. And of course - what an awesome excuse to go on Oasis! So my live post will be a bit different as I hopefully will see what the normal passenger sees - and also some of the crew and background stuff of Oasis.. I hope to take many of you on my "Journey" and of course hope to inspire some of you to go on Oasis. I am a diving coach in Australia - and also a diver myself - a long family history. I have coached my son for 11 yrs to many competitions - including Youth Olympics and overseas competitions, and am ecstatic that he has finally found his "niche" in diving in the Aqua Theatre on Oasis he loves it and I cant wait to see him! It is so great that divers who dont wish to give up their lives to go to the Olympics etc do now have another pathway for their exceptional talents....... He is excited also as having family on board he is allowed to go to more passenger areas. As he is loving it - I have been helping other Aussie divers go for their dream of performing on Oasis. Today my sons best friend got accepted for next year - and my son also got the same contract so they will be performing together next year - what a wonderful experience - all the hard work pays off. So - I hope to go back again on Oasis next year again Lucky me....Royal Carribbean have been wonderful in the recruitment process - very up market - only the best will do - thats why they have such good shows. Very good to deal with. As have casting Agency Rising Stars.Being a "solo" traveller as I am single - I will experience the solo traveller experiences as well as the being with family experiences when I can spend time with my son - Jesse - aka Mowgli - Ill call him J from now on... I have only ever been on 1 cruise before - PO from Australia to Vanuatu - which both J and I loved. Oasis is so beautiful and I have followed many people on their Oasis reviews etc. How wonderful is it that Royal Carribbean has built this ship - and it has so many different and exciting places and shows on board - not only for lucky passengers - but also crew members. Its a floating city!!!!And Im going to be on her in 8 days!!! woohoo! Its sooo exciting! I just looked at my itinery on Royal C website and the counter is down to 8 days OMG!!!! wohhoo - not excited - much!
My itinery so far is:
Aug 5th - fly from Brisbane to Sydney Aust then to LA, then Atlanta, then Miami, then a shuttle? hopefully to Fort Lauderdale - arriving the same day I left due to time change! Hope I dont get jet lag! Plan to go out when I get there to see some of Fort Lauderdale nightlife....
Fri lunch with Royal Carribbean casting manager , then shopping........ Fri night out...
sat get up at 4am to watch Oasis come into port. Greet J and cry....... Hang out together and shop...... Get on board Oasis and be very overwhelmed... Video and take pics of EVERYTHING...... Im sure J will want to escort me on a ship tour!
Sat night - Oasis of Dreams (of course)
Sunday - At sea - cruising - meet n mingle,buy a pets at sea LOL, frozen in time, hairspray, jazz,
Monday - Haiti - not sure yet - nothing booked
Tuesday - cruising, comedy show, headliner show
Wednesday - Costa Maya - water activities
Thursday - Cozumel- swim with dolphins woohoo, come fly with me.
Friday - cruising
Saturday- into port saddddddd, BUT spend day on land shopping with J
Sunday - Miami sth beach
Monday- Miami sth beach
Tuesday - Miami sth beach , fly out late arvo
Wednesday- lost in time
Thursday - arrive Australia
Friday - depression....
I am open to getting any pics or views on anything while I am on my cruise - so please ask if you would like to know something. I do like to communicate alot as I am sure you have guessed by now. So time and internet connection permitting - hope to do alot of live posts of my trip - hopefully I will bring joy to someones day :)


  1. Awesome, Barbi ... wish I was going to ... hopefully I can win tattslotto, and maybe go next year. Great that Jesse got another contract for next year ... I bet he is just totally rapt.
    Anyway, looking forward to reading all about it here.
    Take care, love Connie xxx

  2. Hi Barbi, enjoyed your blog looking forward to the next one and some photos. Excitement building here with the trip to Syndey. Have a great time and say hellow to J. for us. Has he got his pressie yet?