Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Having trouble with this site - but if you read comments - you will find my review!!!!!!!


  1. WOW WOW and WOW!! again!!! I am in between shows and I just HAD to do this post!I just came out of Frozen in Time the ice skating show and WOW!!!
    It was actually the BEST show I have ever seen.The athletes were just awesome - they MUST be olympic or world class standard. Being involved in sport all my life - for me to say that - is amazing - just awesome....The costumes were absolutely unbelievable.I met the lady who makes the costumes when i did a tour of the RCC studios - and BOY does she know her stuff!!!!! The show was really the best!!!!! Ok - now off to Hairspray show. Hope its as good as the ice skating!! Oh and j put me right at the front in a special seat The lead ice skater flew up to me and hung over the railing at me hahahah Immediately I thought - J i'm gunna kill you!!!!! But yes a great show . This ship is awesome - did i tell you Im on the OASIS!!!!????
    and to answer the crowding question for those who asked, No not crowded - they have done really well with the layout - the only time i felt crowded was on the first day in the lifts - but have never felt there are 6000 people on board

  2. Well 3am I went to bed – after posting my last post here... Woke up at 6am – heard the engines – oh yes thats right we are on a ship! It was funny as last night in the jazz club the pianist asked us all – are you having a great time at sea? And im thinking – oh – I forgot we were at sea!!!!I have been so busy and overwhelmed with the ship – I forgot we were sailing – at most times you don’t even feel like you are moving – only at times can you feel a slight movement or sway...
    So up at 6am when I had my alarm set for 9! BUT I thought – oh – where am I – wow we must be coming into port.... So – being on 7th deck in an inside cabin – there is nothing really to let you know where you are or what sort of day it is outside. So I thought ooh quickly get up on deck and take the camera – I might catch us getting into port in Labadee- Haiti. Wow – was I glad I got up – quickly forgot I only had 3hrs sleep and wow! I wonder how many times I am going to say WOW on this trip LOL!
    I was up in time to see us come into port – the sun just coming up – so I got lots of pics and videos of the gorgeous sunriseJ I love taking pictures and am studying graphic art, animation and photography , so I think by the time i come home – I will have thousands of pics! There weren’t too many people up on deck at this time – only the ones keen with cameras.
    Last night was great – as I mentioned abt the Ice skating show – how fantastic it was – well I got to meet the cast after the show as I had a tour of J cabin. The skaters were all happy with their show but exhausted – it would be very demanding – they do so much. J did spotlights for this show – so also got a pic of him up there working the lights looking official. Its good they get to do other duties as well as their own shows. They learn so much and will have a variety of skills when they get off the ship. Hairspray was good – I was rather cold in the theatre watching it – but it was formal night so I only had a light jacket on... J also gave me a commentary on who was who and what they were going to do LOL as he was able to watch it with me....
    Quite amusing – when meeting up with J mid after the ice show – we were both hungry – so I remembered the famous roast beef sandwich everyone has raved about – so I said lets go there – and he had never been there to eat – and has been on the ship 3 months! So there are alot of places he has never been to that he can go to with me being on the ship – so its like a new world all over to him again! How exciting ... Anyway the roast beef sandwich –YES- delicious – best Ive ever had. Think I’ll have many more by the time I get off this ship! They also have a salad bar where you can design your own salad. This was also the best I’ve ever had – YUMMMMM... Certainly be going back there again!
    After hairspray – gave J his aussie souvineers and he went off to bed – was tired LOL. Poor young thing. So I stayed up – went to the 80s party in the nightclub (this started at midnight!) Lots of people in there – all having a great time!Its so good to see people happy on holidays – even lots of husbands up grooving it on the dancefloor – this you don’t see back home muchJ
    Oh and when I got back to my cabin and was giving J his things, he said – is that an elephant on your bed? Hahha I didn’t even notice it !!! OMG i got a towel animal yayyayayay!!!!! I had seen pics that other people had posted and thought , oh i prolly wont get one of those but i did!!!!! Haha so cute!
    Oh and also yesterday I went and got a “pets at sea”. Hahah – the kid in me – those that know me well would know that Id get one of these. You first choose a body /animal. Then you stuff it with the foam, pick an outfit, zip it up, name it and then you get it in a bag with its head popping out of the bag so it can see everything on its trip! You also get a birth certificate hehe. See pic.

  3. Ill also put up pics of the welcome parade, and the aqua cast doing a mob dance which was really really good. I have loads of videos, but will have to do them when i get home as they take time and also internet $.....
    Well , I must be off – post this for you all, then get ready and head into Labadee.Its weird to think we are in the middle of the Caribbean -... We don’t have any tours planned but there is plenty to do. You know I havent even been in my swimmers yet – But i will try and get in the water and sun today....Going to be 37 degrees, nice and sunny – just perfect. Another day in Oasis Paradise. Over and outJ