Monday, August 9, 2010

WOW,WOW AND WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!This ship is the best thing in the world right now!!!hahaha and I'M on it!!!This is truely the first free minute i have had to post on here - the first day was just sooooo overwhelming....... I had pretty good jetlag too - so made it even more surreal hahah. It truely is as big and as awesome as everyone says. My heart was racing aaalll day yesterday and last night. Finally plopped into my VERY comfy bed at 2am .... WOW - did I say wow? Whoever is going on this ship - it is so going to blow you away.... 35 hr flight from Australia I was starting to think - mmm hope its worth it - BUT oh yes definatley worth it!!!! I will write more later when I get internet set up on my laptop but am on ships computers now - fast access- and there are 5 computers in here and I am the only one in here. I have loads of photos and videos already and will try an post some later on... Its so fantastic on here - everywhere you go - sometimes i feel like im in a dream hahah or in a wonderland of some sort. The parade on royal promenade yesterday -was so good. J was in it and dancing and carrying on hahah - There is music everywhere - last night there were people at alll venues but nothing was crowded. Gee theres so much to write I dont know where to start!!!! Unfortunately the aqua show was postponed as they had technical difficulties and has been rescheduled, so I didnt get to see it Hopefully later in the week.) You forget you are even on a ship - it's kind of like a city - or an Island of FUN!!!!! I was shaking when I first boarded LOL so all my videos are probably all over the place - I nearly cried most of checkin I was that excited! Checkin took a whole 12 minutes!!!! So well run - very professional and streamlined.Wow haha I still dont know what to write as there is so much to tell and its all rolling around in my head hahah...... I met a few of the cast from Js shows and they are a great bunch of people - all really happy too which is great.Its amazing the opportunity these guys have as it really is one of the best jobs in the world! Went to tea last night in the Solarium Bistro. It is a pay venue - but was worth it. Very nice meal - I had lamb - I was at tea with J and 2 other cast members - it was great.You can decide from a selection of meals and then also deserts for $15.It was funny and nice as at the end they asked for a sea pass card(s) for payment and J paid for the lot of us how nice - great to have a son who can pay for me to go to tea for a change hahahha - and pays for others too. Good on ya Jes!Well Ill be off now - have another adventure to go - Ill try and write more later.

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